We use tailor-made combination of channels to reach your target group.
We know how to create integrated messages optimized for different media.


  • animated film
  • banner
  • eDM
  • homepage
  • mobile app
  • presentation
  • sms campaign


  • graphic design (from unique to adaptations)
  • DM campaign
  • POS design and development
  • Booth design
  • Unique assets
  • Film shooting, dubbing
  • DVD setup and production

On phone

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Recording
  • Data capture
  • Follow-up
  • New product presentation
  • Price changes

Face to face

  • Mystery shopping
  • Audit
  • Market research
  • Sales teams


EQmailer – our online letter (eDM) sending system

  • Responsive design: content easy to view on any devices: smart phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Timed campaigns with highly personalised content.
  • Detailed analysis, address lists based on different criteria, all recipients can be monitored.
  • Possibility of online questionnaire integration.

 Animated film

  • Short films for website (or youtube channel).
  • Animated films with sound.

iPad presentation / application development

  • Application development for supporting the work of sales representatives, medical representatives.
  • Unique presentations for one project or campaign.


  • Graphic design, programming, page update.


Creative concept: mechanism, graphics and copywriting

  • Brand identity design
  • Format design
  • Unique direct mail
  • POS development, design and production
  • Promotions, compliance and incentive programmes

Trade show booth

  • Trade show booth creative concept
  • Graphic and architectural design
  • Booth construction
  • Booth maintenance
  • Technical support


  • POS production
  • Print production – special techniques, small quantities or large scale
  • Enveloping, post preparation
  • Posting

On phone

Technical background: call centre in the cloud

  • Our cloud based call centre’s software runs on a professional service provider’s server
  • Continuous control and support (24h)
  • Sound recording (MP3 format)
  • Exporting results to excel files

Human resource

  • Our operators are experienced sales people
  • EQ’s team provides supervision to operators during all projects


  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Sales support
  • Data capture, update
  • Appointment schedule
  • Forward short, important information quickly
  • Customer satisfaction survey

It is worth trying for any purposes since we start all projects with a test, evaluate together with our clients!

Face-to face

Human resource

  • Over 11 year experience in mystery shopping, physical audit and sales in Hungary.
  • International surveys for multinational companies.
  • Experienced data processing and analyst team, various levels of control.
  • Local supervisors in major cities with more than a decade field marketing experience .
  • All participants are trained for each project.

Technical background

  • Online data entry – fresh data and information from the market within 24 hours.
  • Easy-to screen-through reporting surface for clients.
  • Quick reports and analyses.

Mystery shopping

  • To test the level of services.
  • To ensure contract is kept (e.g. POS placement, promotions).
  • To test professional knowledge of own employees (e.g.: bank, insurance companies, customer service).
  • As a part of incentive programs for wholesalers.
  • Unique data processing online surface for data collection.


  • As a base of financial arrangements.
  • Retail stock monitoring to maintain the suitable stock level of products.
  • To monitor competitors’ prices, promotions.

Sales teams

  • Upon new products launch to support own sales force.
  • To cover smaller retail locations not visited by own sales force, take orders




Chep – physical audit in warehouses and retail stores
  • EQM1
  • EQM_Chep1
GSK – illustrated patient information leaflet
  • Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.34.29 PM
  • GSK_Asztma kisokos3
  • GSK_Asztma kisokos
ISV – design of company presentation booklet
  • ISV_Mappa-és-füzet1
  • ISV_Mappa-és-füzet
L’Oreal – invitation
  • L'Oreal megh3
  • L'Oreal megh1
Milupa – pen case sent in an envelope
  • Milupa-tolltartó5
  • Milupa-tolltartó
NovoNordisk – patient information leaflet design
  • Füzet
  • fuzet2
NovoNordisk – stand design for exhibition (tender work)
  • Novo Nordisk-1-4B
  • Novo Nordisk-1-4A
  • Novo Nordisk-1-3
  • Novo Nordisk-1-2
  • Novo Nordisk-1-1B
  • Novo Nordisk-1-1A
Richter – Pharmacy Magazine
  • elo
  • hat
  • osz_cimlap
  • osz_beliv


  • vargakatalin


    Managing director – Head of customer interaction

    Kati monitors the international trends and encourages colleagues to do the same, so EQ partners can use communication novelties among the first ones. She keeps an eye on details, even under time pressure she makes sure our Clients’ requests are fulfilled. She often brings the team some delicacies – for the pleasure of all of us.

  • ivan


    Graphic artist, designer

    Even if Ivan focuses on several jobs at the same time – design of brand identity, leaflets, jumping out direct mails, online newsletters, applications, presentation – he always takes the time to send us some humorous e-mails or to ask in the most unexpected moment: „And where is the chocolate?”

  • ficsoranna


    Project coordinator

    Anna is great at coordinating projects and the team as well, she reminds everybody in a friendly-assertive way that the deadline is not a part of the creative task. Within moments she gets familiar with any new marketing software and teaches us its usage, our clients can rely on her support any time.

  • niki


    Marketing assistant

    Niki is the youngest member of our team. She has been with EQ only for a few months but it is already obvious she is a born a marketing expert: open to novelties, reads regularly online marketing news and recommends us the best articles. Besides she learns quickly and supports our work with more and more self-confidence, brings some new ideas.

  • gyorgyi


    Graphic artist

    Even with her small baby in her arms nothing can prevent Györgyi from delivering top quality graphic design even before deadline. In her free time she paints beautiful aquarelles – we are very much looking forward to the next exhibition!

  • gabor



    Gábor is not afraid of difficulties – he has already made pictures from rooftops available only via ladders. In his studio he makes great portraits, product or even food pictures. Besides he teaches the photographers of the future. He often uses his camera in his free time as well, sometimes gives us the chance to see these pictures in exhibitions.


Varga Katalin

Managing Director – Head of Client Service

Tel: +36 1 336 1462 • Fax: +36 1 336 1463


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